Yup! Hovi's home, the global phone The world is back in order the number one rap recorder is back You cats overfelt yourself You couldn't help yourself, now witness the real for real In my absence cats get, absent-minded Now it's time to rewind and remind 'em Why I'm in the position that I am Changin the game, my game could nail Madonna Well after I'm gone, they'll honor History in the makin, Pistol Pete Leave competition shakin without missin the beat Chasin the hi-hat all over the track The snare is scared of the air in here, BOOM! And plus I get paper dog, don't let me forget The watch face so blue like it's holdin it's breath Can't see me skill for skill or check for check It's the bow tie flow dog, I bring it to your neck Live and correct I will bring it to your set I got now, I don't care who got next Rapper slash exec, Kordell Stewart Your flow all y'all usin is mine, you're all useless You ain't a factor, who are you foolin? You all are faggots, you takin it backwards (takin it backwards) I'm tryin to progress with this rap shit Nigga, nigga your whole career is a accident Who was gassin 'em? (Fuck outta here!)

Has gold rope chain written all over it

2016 Olympics Will Have 3-on-3 Basketball

Just when you thought Olympic basketball had provided all the necessary NBA action you were lacking during the summer the IOC announced this week that 3-on-3 basketball will take place at the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil. Of course the IOC couldn’t help itself and added elements to the event that many will fine a tad racist. Similarly to the… Read more →